New reading calendar

2/22                             Masri, pp. 551-596

2/24                             Masri, pp. 758-773 and pp. 850-863

2/26                             Masri, pp. 774-811; Thesis statement due beginning of class

3/1                               Masri, pp. 811-850

3/3                               Masri, pp. 984-1027

3/5                               Masri, pp. 894-921; Topic sentence outline due beginning of class

3/8                               Masri, pp. 937-958

3/10                             Masri, pp. 958-983

3/12                             Major essay #2 due beginning of class; begin research project

3/15-3/19                     Spring Break

3/22                             Meet in Nash Library for research

3/24                             One-page research project proposal due

                                    Gardner, Chapter 7

3/26                             Masri, pp. 1203-1240

3/29                             Meet in Nash Library for research

3/31                             Masri, pp. 1052-1084

4/2                               Masri, pp. 1084-1132

4/5                               Meet in Nash Library for research

4/7                               Masri, pp. 1132-1194

Thursday, 4/8              Steven Pinker lecture at USAO = extra credit!

4/9                               No Exit, linked; Gardner, Chapter 6

4/12                             Research project due beginning of class

                                    Movie TBA

4/14                             Continue movie

4/16                             Continue movie (if necessary)

4/19                             review; course evaluations


FINALS:         Friday 4/ 23, 9:40-11:10 = 9:05 class

                        Thursday 4/22, 9:40-11:10 = 10:05 class


Movie is off

District 9 is a no go for the shared drive; it won't load that way. Maybe we'll just watch that at the end of the term instead of the other one I had in mind.

See you Monday. Email me if you need to; I'll get messages at or through Facebook fastest.



Sandman video


Info about Wang's Carpets

This information about the novel version might be helpful.


NO CLASSES MONDAY--Read below for assignment

Monday's Writing II is called off. If you sent me your thesis statement I will reply tomorrow. Assignment for Wednesday: Read "Wang's Carpets" and look up definitions of any words in the story that you don't know. Be prepared to prove that you have done this. See you then.

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